Yes. A battery of up to 15 pre and post tests consistently shows that students completing services make years of gain in weeks of treatment. The amount of time each student will require varies, but most students require around 100 hours of daily treatment to develop and apply the sensory processing they need.

We can provide you with graphs showing average gains.  Just call or send us an email request.

What Do the Professionals Say?

“The services provided by the staff of Applied Learning Processes are an invaluable resource, especially for children and young adults who feel like failures because of difficulty learning.”

-Grace Ketterman, M.D.

“I refer clients to Applied Learning Processes when I know the problem is neurologically based and will not respond to standard tutoring or regular phonics programs. My patients have been very satisfied with gains they have made. The intensive work is well worth it to them. I recommend the clinic highly for complex learning disorders.”

-Alan Domian, Ph.D.
Licensed Psychologist

“In my practice over the years, I have intermittently seen children who have made dramatic progress in reading. Almost all of these children have been associated with the Lindamood®* method of instruction.”

-David H. Bennett, Ph.D.
Clinical Psychologist

“We see significant academic gains in the children we refer. The added benefits are the growth in self-esteem and the emotional healing that takes place as children experience the unconditional acceptance of the staff.”

-Bev Sheldon, L.C.S.W.
Sheldon and Associates

“I frequently refer my clients to Billie and Applied Learning Processes, as Billie is truly a leader in this field. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience in working with children with learning disabilities and offers a solid, proven treatment program. She is a wonderful resource for families in the Kansas City area.”

Karen Jordan, Ph.D
Owner, Psychological Assessment Center

“I have known Billie for over ten years both through her role as President of the Kansas/Western Missouri Branch of the International Dyslexia Association and as the Director of Applied Learning Processes. I refer clients in the Kansas City area to Billie as I know the excellent quality of the services she provides and the exceptional breadth and depth of her knowlege. Billie understands how to help children and adults with learning problems master essential skills. Billie is a true professional who works collaboratively with colleagues to help all learners progress. Her leadership as IDA Branch President was outstanding.”

-Michele Berg, Ph.D.
Director, Center for Learning Disorders, Family Service and Guidance Center

When a student finishes treatment with us he probably figures he’ll never hear from us again, but… six months later his family receives a questionnaire. The questionnaire asks four questions:

How do you rate your overall experience with us?
How much improvement have you experienced?
Did you implement the follow-up recommendations?
How likely are you to recommend ALP to someone else?

We graph the responses from the questionnaires we get back and have been doing so since June of 2005. We thought you might be interested in what people have told us on those questionnaires.

Questions? Send them to us!