Applied Learning Processes was established in 1993.

Rachel Libick

Rachel Libick is the Owner and Executive Director of Applied Learning Processes. She purchased Applied Learning Processes in 2017, when founder Billie Calvery officially retired. She holds a bachelor’s degree in English literature and a minor in history. She joined the ALP staff in 2009 and has worked as a clinician, tester, and supervising clinician. She has experience in testing and diagnosis as well as extensive training and experience under Billie and clinical director Melinda Buie on the methodologies applied in the clinic. During her tenure at ALP, Rachel has helped develop new clinical strategies, create training programs, and recently developed a long-distance program tailored to the intensive treatments ALP provides. She regularly consults with parents and other professionals, and shares responsibilities for writing individualized treatment plans and overseeing the clinical staff with Cameron and Nathan.

Her passion is to carry on the legacy Billie established and continue to provide up-to-date, research-based interventions to assist struggling learners and put them on the path to learning success.

Cameron Buie

Cameron Buie began working part-time at Applied Learning Processes in 2004, during his college education. He has received a B.S. and M.S. in Mathematics and Statistics, and he spent several years as a university math teacher while pursuing his graduate degree. In 2013, he began working at ALP full-time. During his time with ALP, he has been a clinician, a tutor, a tester, a trainer, and a supervisor.  He has worked in close correspondence with colleagues and clients to adjust treatment plans to fit difficult cases, and has been instrumental in helping to develop new treatment approaches used at ALP today.

Nathan Graber

Growing up with family members who struggled with severe learning disabilities and who failed to receive adequate intervention has helped foster in Nathan a passion for helping learners to succeed and grow, not only during school, but in everyday life as well. He holds a bachelor’s degree in international relations and a minor in French from William Jewell College. Nathan joined the ALP team as a full-time clinician in 2015.  He spent 2017 in Northeast China using the concepts, methodologies, and skills learned at ALP to teach English to children, many of whom had no prior experience with the language or the concept of language as a phonemic construct. Returning to ALP in 2018, Nathan moved into a supervisory role and now helps to oversee testings, client diagnoses, individualized treatment plans, and clinician training.

Steve Libick

Steve Libick is the Co-Owner and Business Director of Applied Learning Processes. On hiatus from his career in childcare and education, he currently supports Rachel in the financial and logistical aspects of the business, freeing her to focus on student treatment and staff development. Steve has a 20-year history of professional work and active volunteerism with students of all ages. His titles include Theatrical Director for middle school, high school, and college productions, Private Art Teacher, Math Tutor, Paraeducator in autism and behavior disorder programs in the Olathe Public Schools, and one-on-one Aide to students with special needs including Down Syndrome and Fragile X Syndrome. Steve’s passion for the arts is matched only by his desire to support and care for marginalized students and help them develop confidence in themselves and their place in the world.

Directors Emerita

Melinda Buie, Director of Clinical Services

Melinda Buie

Melinda Buie, M.A.Ed., served as Director of Clinical Services for Applied Learning Processes from 2013 to 2018.  She has a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a master’s degree in education with an emphasis on teaching reading.  She and Billie worked together in clinical practice since 1990. Her experience includes training both clinicians for ALP and public school teachers.  Melinda has extensive experience in testing and diagnosis of sensory-cognitive processes, and she consulted regularly with parents, teachers, and other professionals. Her directorial duties included in-depth and on-going training in procedures based on the latest research findings regarding learning processes.

Billie Calvery

Billie Calvery, M.S.Ed. is the Founder and Director Emerita of Applied Learning Processes. Billie is an educator with classroom experience in secondary level language arts. She received her Master of Science degree in curriculum and instruction with a predicate in reading education including course work in testing and diagnosis. Since 1989, she has been involved in testing and diagnosis of learning problems and the utilization of Lindamood-Bell Learning Processes’® programs.

She received her initial training in these methods at the Sosland Learning Processes Clinic, a program of Crittenton, a children’s psychiatric facility in Kansas City, Missouri. Her duties at Sosland included both clinical practice and the supervision and training of clinicians. In 1992 and 1993, she was employed by the Lindamood-Bell®* organization as a consultant and clinical coordinator. In addition to ongoing training of clinical staff, she has provided teacher training and consultation for classroom teachers and special education staff. She has been a repeat presenter for various learning disabilities societies, for in-service meetings for psychologists, physicians, speech pathologists, and teachers, and for graduate-level reading and psychology classes