Many people have persistent trouble with basic mathematics. For some, the trouble involves calculating with efficiency: despite adequate understanding of math concepts, they have to stop and count up 5+7 or make pencil marks to multiply 3×6 or they forget the steps for long division.

Others have problems understanding the language aspects of math; they don’t make mental pictures corresponding to story problems to help them “see” that 23 chairs + 14 chairs can’t seat 100 people.

Still others have weakness in visual-spatial imaging, resulting in difficulty arranging numbers on the page or in “seeing” the space between 2:00 p.m. and 3:30 p.m.

Applied Learning Processes has developed an approach to improving the ability to think and reason with numbers that combines techniques used by programs such as Steve Demme’s Math-U-See and Lindamood-Bell’s®* On Cloud Nine

The emphasis:
• Discovery of how numbers work through using concrete experiences,
• Using language to think about and describe those experiences;
• Transferring concrete experiences into mental imagery so that the experience becomes internalized and can be applied to situations where numbers are needed in order to solve a problem

Students go through a systematic, sequential review of mathematics so that any weak or faulty concept is discovered and stabilized. Individual instruction is paced according to the student’s need. For example, a student who needs extra practice on understanding place value spends extra time exploring this concept, while another student might need to spend more time imaging numbers on a number line so that he can more quickly access his multiplication facts. 

In all cases, students think about numbers from an imaged framework that provides a strong foundation for independence in math.

Robert Sniezik

Billie Calvery and Applied Learning Processes have been instrumental in two of my children overcoming learning difficulties. We tried other options prior to coming to Billie with no success and found her team was able to properly evaluate these problems, develop a plan and provide measurable results. I would definitely recommend Billie and her team of professionals to address any learning issues in question.

Results Applied:

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