Long-term Success

Hearing from former students is always a joy around ALP. A few weeks ago, we received the following email about a young lady who was with us in elementary school. Her school district labeled her as “mentally retarded” before she came to us. Her mother sent us this update:


I’m such the “Proud Mom” that I just had to share Crystal’s current success with you and your staff.

She has had a 3.75 GPA the last two semesters of college and continues to excel in all of her classes, including math, science, literature and reading, earning 3 A’s and 1 B. The B was in math, with an 86% (all on her own, not tutors or help from anyone else!). Not bad for someone who once told you,”I don’t do math.”

It’s certainly been a long, hard journey for her thus far, but she has finally reached her “stride” and she’s so close to achieving her dream of becoming a teacher. Neither of us can thank you or your staff enough for your contribution to her success. Without your team “unlocking doors” and giving Crystal the tools she needed to be successful, it’s hard to say where she’d be today. No doubt Crystal’s done all the hard work, but you gave her what she needed to do the hard work with.

Keep up the good work you do and hopefully you will continue to inspire others to believe in their dreams.

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