Numbers in Kindergarten

Right up there with learning to read and rhyme is learning to count and use numbers. In kindergarten, math can still be fun.

Common kindergarten goals:

  • identify numbers 1-20 – after all, we only get to 3 when our parents are counting.
  • count by ones, fives and tens – thus assisting in requesting cookies.
  • do short ‘story problems‘ (if you have 3 kittens and give 1 to me, how many do you have?) – also reinforcing that “sharing” concept that we all struggle with occasionally.

The harder number stuff comes later in school, but it all builds on the successful understanding of these basic concepts. Some students may be introduced to more than this, but these are the foundational pieces. If your child is out of kindergarten and still struggling, don’t wait till he is in Algebra 2 before you look into getting help.

ALP has worked with students ages 5 to 50, and the earlier the intervention, the better the student can compensate further on in life.

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