Helping Kids with Visual-Spatial Problems: Measuring, Part 3

Learning about measurement doesn’t have be take the textbook route, but here are some fun books that help introduce the concept to young learners.

Recommended by LDOnline:


By Janet Stevens and Susan Stevens Crummel

A charming picture book about a hen who decides to make a strawberry shortcake with her friends… none of whom know anything about cooking. Iguana tries to measure the flour with a ruler! Hen teaches them about measuring properly with the right tools and the author includes side notes about dry versus liquid measuring, as well as equivalents such as 1 stick of butter = 1 cup = 8 tablespoons. (Recommended ages 4-8)

How Big is a Foot?

By Rolf Myller

The Queen’s apprentice needs to build a new bed for the Queen. But how big is a bed when beds haven’t been invented yet? The amusing story is a fun introduction to the concept of standard measurement. (Recommended ages 4-8)

Measuring Penny

By Loreen Leedy

A girl named Lisa has an assignment to measure something in as many ways as she can. “Use your imagination!” says the teacher. Lisa chooses her dog, Penny, and discovers, among other things, that Penny’s tail is one biscuit long. This engaging book teaches the difference between standard and non-standard measurement.

How Tall, How Short, How Far Away

By David A. Adler

Learn the units of measure (including the metric system) by comparing the lengths to fingers, arms, feet and other body parts. You’ll find lots of examples of how we use measurement in everyday activities as well as hands-on activities such as asking how tall you are using units of measure from ancient Egypt. (Recommended ages 6-9)

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