Dyslexia Simulation Is Misleading

Last month, a number of people sent me a link to a site with a “dyslexia simulation” that was supposed to mimic the experience of reading for dyslexics. The page was set up as a Wikipedia article where most of the letters within words were rapidly switching. It was definitely visually overwhelming. Several people commented to me that they felt they had a greater understanding of how difficult reading is for dyslexics after visiting the site.

While I appreciate the intention of the simulation, and certainly love a chance to discuss the facts of dyslexia and other learning disabilities, I was frustrated by the site. Their representation of dyslexia is misleading at best, and is unsupported by current research on dyslexia.

The International Dyslexia Association published a column by a social media editor with dyslexia, explaining why the simulation doesn’t represent the dyslexic experience. We encourage you to check it out!

Online Dyslexia Simulation is Compelling, Powerful, and Wrong

Let us know your thoughts – what was your opinion of the simulation?

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