A 2nd Grade Success Story

Here’s an exciting letter from the mother of a 2nd grader who attended ALP from mid-February to mid-May 2013. His success with the MAP testing at school sure makes us proud of him! He worked hard and achieved much…

Long-Term Success

Hearing from former students is always a joy around ALP. A few weeks ago, we received the following email about a young lady who was with us in elementary school. Her school district labeled her as “mentally retarded” before she came to us. Her mother sent us this update:..

Picture This: Comprehension

Most children’s books come with brightly colored pictures to go along with the words. This helps stimulate comprehension for little ones whose understanding of the words may need some backup. As students get older, the number of pictures in books diminishes until adults are left with cover art and not much else…

It’s All About Attitude

Sam has come a long way in a month at ALP. He is a fifth-grader here for visual-verbal integration and some phonemic awareness treatment. He was recommended for about 100 hours of treatment to improve comprehension and word decoding and spelling accuracy…

Progress continues after treatment

One of the best things about working at Applied Learning Processes is hearing about former students who are continuing the successes they began with us.

Last week we got an email from a very happy mom…

Yar! Smooth sailin’ for one little matey!

One of the things the students and I share is a love of the end of an hour. That doesn’t mean I dislike my job or any of my students – in fact, the reason break time is so great is that I have those few seconds to chat with the students without our work being the priority. Oh, and there’s the stickers. Choosing the appropriate sticker for the hour can be the highlight for both of us.

The Grinch That Brought Christmas

David Zickwolf is a 6th grader who has been at ALP for about three and a half months. We worked with him for 120 hours on phonemic awareness and visual motor processing.

Indiana Thinker!

Devin McClayland was with us for six weeks and we never saw him without his special “Indiana Jones” Stetson. In honor of his last day, one of our clinicians came in her own cowboy hat.

Connor gets an A!

Connor Williams came to us in elementary school for work on phonemic awareness and his reading and spelling skills. He came to us again at the end of eighth grade. His reading and spelling were good, but he needed to improve his comprehension.