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Dyslexia Simulation Is Misleading

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Recent research on dyslexia and other learning disabilities

When I started working with students who have learning disabilities back in 1990, the research on dyslexia was really starting to take off. Researchers had recently been able to pinpoint the sections of the brain that were involved through fMRI images and to refine their definition of dyslexia…

How The Brain Thinks About Numbers

Working with math students at ALP involves a lot of exploration of numbers related to a student’s concrete understanding. For example…

How Important Is Handwriting Instruction?

Handwriting is a hot topic among educators at the moment. What with technological advancements, core curriculum requirements, the need to prepare students for standardized testing..

Dyslexie font – is it effective?

A friend recently sent me an article on a new font “designed to help dyslexics read” called Dyslexia. I love when my friends send me articles or ask me questions about dyslexia because it means I am spreading the word…