Numbers in Kindergarten

Right up there with learning to read and rhyme is learning to count and use numbers. In kindergarten, math can still be fun.

identify numbers 1-20 – after all, we only get to 3 when our parents are counting.

count by ones, fives and tens – thus assisting in requesting cookies…

Alphabet skills in kindergarten

The ABCs are the building blocks for kindergarten – not to mention the rest of school. Usually children start manipulating sounds in spoken words before they reach kindergarten. They can make up silly rhyming words by manipulating beginning sounds–for example, Susie makes up a new name for her sister and calls her “Silly Jilly”.

Progress continues after treatment

One of the best things about working at Applied Learning Processes is hearing about former students who are continuing the successes they began with us.

Last week we got an email from a very happy mom…