Indiana Thinker!

Devin McClayland was with us for six weeks and we never saw him without his special “Indiana Jones” Stetson. In honor of his last day, one of our clinicians came in her own cowboy hat.

Homework Wars – The White Flag: When surrender really is the best option

You’ve tried everything and your child is still going to bed late and leaving your entire family frustrated and stressed every school night. Is it your fault or can there be other options?

Homework Wars – Battle 2: Staying focused

The world is full of distractions. In the course of a typical blog writing session, I’ll pick up the paper and skim halfway through articles before returning attention to the computer, get a glass of water and realize that the ice trays need refilling, get caught up on the blogs I follow in an attempt to get ideas, and start listening in on a conversation in the hall…

Homework Wars – Battle 1: Getting started

No more need for monsters under the bed – just let them disguise themselves as math problems and book reports, and Monstropolis will be in scream power for the duration of the school year. The power of the collective wails of frustrated students – and parents – can only come from that dreaded nightly terror: homework.

Connor gets an A!

Connor Williams came to us in elementary school for work on phonemic awareness and his reading and spelling skills. He came to us again at the end of eighth grade. His reading and spelling were good, but he needed to improve his comprehension.